Simple Cool Bedroom Designs for Narrow Rooms

Have you ever found a bedroom design that is the most comfortable and makes you feel at home? 90% of bedrooms that meet the ideal criteria use simple bedroom designs with high functionality.

So, a simple bedroom design that makes you comfortable doesn’t depend on the size of the room. However, creating a simple bedroom design is not as easy as it sounds. This is because bedrooms tend to have large furniture, such as wardrobes or mattresses. With the lack of space to explore, many are frustrated and negligent in decorating their bedrooms with all their heart


Actually with good planning, it is not impossible you can have a simple bedroom design like a famous interior magazine. The key is to control existing elements and create a beautiful and practical rest room.

The simple bedroom design inspiration that Kania presents will have simple and attractive bedroom design characteristics. You will also find the principle of good interior in every simple bedroom design below. Curious? Let’s see together.


This simple bedroom design inspiration is very easy to be a favorite for anyone, regardless of age restrictions for women and men. This is because the wood element dominates from the floor to the main furniture.

This wood element also uses soft shades which are important to create a space that feels more spacious. Neutral color arrangement which is white is also seen in other additional furniture, including the main furniture, namely bed mattresses and wall shelves. This simple bedroom design is effective because it is supported by a window that although not large, but provides a relaxed and fresh atmosphere.

It’s not difficult to turn on a simple bedroom design with the right wall wallpaper. The main focus on this simple bedroom design is a stylish and comfortable bed. The bed is also laid out with decorative pillows so that it looks soft and has artistic taste. Supported with graceful patterned wallpapers with exclusive colors, the whole room becomes even more cool even though there isn’t much room to move around. The natural lighting from the windows is also very helpful in the atmosphere of a comfortable and not stuffy bedroom.

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[Design] Simple Cool Bedroom Designs For Narrow Rooms: Simple Cool Bedroom Designs for Narrow Rooms

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