Minimalist 2-storey House Plan

Now, one way to overcome the narrow land in the city is to build a 2-story house. Form private spaces above and public and semi-public spaces on the first floor. Public and semi-public spaces include living room, family room, and dining room. While the private space is the bedroom.

the slice plan looks above
the slice plan looks above

Pay attention to the stair area

Important things that should not be forgotten in a 2-storey house, namely the stairs area. For land that is large enough, the stair area can be set aside. But if the land is limited. Use a ladder whose design is simple and can be placed in the corner of a semi-public space, such as a family room or dining room.

Other ideas for 2-storey house plans:
minimalist house plans 2019

minimalist house plans 2019
Although narrow, it can contain 3 bedrooms and a balcony too.
3 floor design

The concept of a modern minimalist house plan is a spacious room and the latest use of furniture. Tips. Avoid using too many partitions. Leave it between the rooms together, except the room considering this room is private. Then, it’s a good idea to use a LED TV that has a thin note and doesn’t take up much space.

You can watching this video to inpiration

More image Minimalist 2-storey House Plan

[Design] Minimalist 2-storey House Plan: Minimalis-2-Lantai [Design] Minimalist 2-storey House Plan: minimalist house plans 2019 [Design] Minimalist 2-storey House Plan: design 2 floor

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