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Home cook turned star chef

Sheikha Hussein Ghanim Aal Ali, owner of the Café Barbera at Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) – Corniche shares her inspiring journey and engagement in the food business with Robust RAK. Today she is a multi skilled woman entrepreneur, who is a home maker and a business woman at one go.  

IMG_3880Sheikha Hussein Ghanim Aal Ali graduated with a Bachelor degree in Food technology & Nutrition from Emirates University in 2005. Sheikha is a well-motivated young entrepreneur that will not accept a ‘No’ or ‘impossible’ as an answer, she will always work hard to achieve her goals, very detail oriented & enjoy what she does.

After graduation, she held various positions as the first job at Association with Economic Dept (2007-2009):  Inspector (Monitoring and Inspection Section), Manager for Consumer protection of intellectual property Department and currently she is associate with RAK Chamber of Commerce (2010- up to date):  holding the position of Corporate Communication Coordinator.

For everyone health is the priority. Day by Day youngsters get addicted to the junk food and fall sick. That’s why she thought to start with home making food which will be healthy and safe to consume. That’s how her journey into the food business started. This way she says “My dream came true and now I feel good that I am doing something, which is for wellbeing of humans.

In 2010, Sheikha started making delicious cakes & desserts with nuts under a Home license named Sheikha Dishes which became a well-known brand in Ras Al Khaimah & other Emirates as well.

By the end of 2013 and after 3 years of successful Sheikha Dishes she thought of business expansion & diversification of products by adding salty dishes like sandwiches, pastas, rice, salads etc. in an innovative way that looked different & tested great.

Till date Sheikha Dishes has expanded into 2 lines-Growth of business with quality delivered during events and lunch parties; many people started ordering from Sheikha Dishes since it was purely homemade & so delicious. Sheikha Dishes had participated in different events in RAK, Dubai & other Emirates as well.

Following the success, she got an opportunity from Café Barbera to own and managed the café by herself. It was new and a very different angle for her food business. She says coffee is one drink which anyone and everyone has it whether a business man or women, homemakers or youngsters. Café is a place for leisure time, relaxing, chilling with peers and meeting people. Thus she got associated to Café Barbera and in 2014 April, the contract was signed.

The Café showcases multiple range of coffees & Italian dishes along with homemade desserts and pastries. Café Barbera has sea facing view and is located at Ras Al Khaimah Corniche. The interiors are designed as per other Café Barbera theme with the use of unique wood furniture and red paint on the wall. The sitting tables are specially designed by Sheikha with coffee beans spread widely on the woooden table and covered with glass which change the look and feel of entire café.

Café Barbera was inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Humaid and Café Barbers Regional Manager Mr. Sufyan Al Muhaisen.Image2

The opening ceremony was so beautifully organized & attended by Sheikha’s family & friends. The café, had called upon an Italian chef to prepare and serve the food along with deserts and coffee which was unlimited and set free during the ceremony.Café Barbera beans are so special & only found in Barberas coffee shops with Italian Espresso being the special coffee being often served at the café. Sheikha is specially trained by Café Barbera trainer to understand the operation & to run her café, its management, making of coffee etc.Café Barbera is located at Corniche Al Quasim which is one of the most leisure places choose by locals and expatriates to watch the sunset or have a cozy day break.  Café Barbera at the Corniche is the seventh branch in UAE and second in RAK. The café is well supported by Sheikh Khalifa program for youth.

Her day ends with her family and children’s. Sheikha dedicates most of her time with her 3 children’s (Huda, Haya & Nasser). Her husband and friends were pillars to create this dream true and she is grateful to them for their help and support.

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