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Road map for good career plans

Failure is the key to success. Often we fail and we learn too many lessons from our failure which eventually becomes our success stories. Similarly in this article Russell shares with us 5 major attributes required to achieve one’s career goals. 

Most of us keep wondering why we weren’t able to reach the Pinnacle of our career, when our peers, colleagues, classmates made it!  The successful people you know, have been failures too, some point in time of their career. Based on my experience and knowledge, the 5 major attributes required to achieve one’s career goals are listed below.

Goal Setting: The primary reason people fail in their careers is due to lack of setting Career Goals. The first step is to set short-term, mid-term and long-term goals irrespective of how much experience you have, which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound). A career goal like “Become a project manager in construction industry” is not a smart goal. A smart goal reads like “Become a Project Manager in ABC Construction Company, handling USD 50 Million project, by August 15th 2016, earning AED 45000/- salary per month”. If required, revisit your goals as you progress. At some time you may want to change your career or boost your career. Meet some people from the industry you are targeting and take valuable inputs from them. Talk to at least 3 persons, before making your final decision.

Passion / SWOT: The best part of a career is, if you are doing a job you are passionate about, you will be self-motivated to achieve goals. Sit down and write down Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of yourself, your job, your industry and the role/industry you are targeting. Based on the SWOT done identify the gaps to enhance your knowledge, skills and ability to reach you short-term and long-term goals. You must be open to new ideas and committed to hone your skills to meet your career aspirations.

Mentor:  When planning for career growth in the same industry or planning to acquire new knowledge and skills to get into another industry, it’s imperative that you have mentors whom you trust. Discuss your plans with them and be open to constructive feedback. Take diverse opinions from people working in the targeted field or company. Likewise, you also must become a trusted mentor too for your colleagues, team members etc. You will learn and gain from the experience of mentoring and getting mentored.

Work on your personality: The most important attributes required for a successful career are skills, attitude and desire. Ensure that you work on your inter-personal, leadership and team playing skills. Always have a positive attitude to succeed in life, serve your internal and external customers and the burning desire to succeed against all odds. Remember “You are the only person responsible for your success or failure”. Everything else is temporary and will pass provided you have a positive mental attitude. Have a successful person as a role-model. Dress and behave like a successful person. Visualize you reaching your goals and you will! Remember that people would like to get associated with successful persons.

Networking and Social media:  One of the key factors which can catapult you to the success of your career goal, is networking.  LinkedIn is the most sought after platform for recruiting doorman to chairman these days. Ensure you have an excellent profile mentioning your skills, achievements etc. in a very professional way. Take help of resume-writers if required. Try and write or comment on articles based on your expertise. This will ensure, people notice you and get connected with you. Stop applying for jobs online or offline. Let LinkedIn work for you and people call you to offer a job, you have been dreaming about. Do watch out on what you are posting in other sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. People make decisions based on what they see and read about you in LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc. Hence, always project the right image to meet your career goals.Untitled-1

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