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Ras Al Khaimah Business Licenses Grow by 8% in 2015

2348 New Establishments in 2015 Led by Trade and Services Sectors

RAK Chamber of Commerce and Industry has revealed that the number of registered business licenses issued in the emirate grew by 8% last year compared to 2014. The trade, services, construction, and manufacturing sectors headed the list of registered companies throughout the emirate during the past year.

Mohammed Al Sabab, Director General of RAK Chamber, stated: “The total number of registered licenses in the Chamber amounted to 29,431 establishments for 2015 with a growth rate of 8% compared to the previous year when the number was 27,083 establishments. The past year saw 2,348 new establishments registering.”

“RAK Chamber has seen a significant increase in the number of trading establishments and repair services. The number of new establishments registered in these two sectors came to 1,849, or 43% of the total new licenses, followed by the construction sector with 1142 establishments accounting for 26%. The manufacturing sector ranked third with 366 establishments, equivalent to 8%, followed by the real estate, leasing and business services sector with 308 establishments representing 7%; the hotels and restaurants sector with 220 establishments representing 5%; the social and personal services sector with 209 establishments and 4.8%; and the transport, storage and communications sector with 171 establishments at 4%. The remaining establishments were distributed between various other sectors including education, health and social work, financial, electricity, water and gas, mining and quarrying, agricultural, fisheries, and international organizations and authorities,” he added.

Al Sabab said that the tourism sector has witnessed record growth rates since 2010 when compared to regional and international figures. He highlighted the fact that the hotels and restaurants sector’s contribution to GDP has increased from AED 485 million to AED 760 million, the highest growth rate amongst GDP’s component elements, surpassing all sectors over the same period. This increase can be attributed to the annual growth rates in this sector which were stable at 12.6% from 2011 to 2014. The contribution of this sector within GDP increased from 2.1% in 2011 to 2.8% in 2014.

Al Sabab explained that the rating of such establishments is conducted according to the Chamber’s membership grades, legal format and geographical location. The new establishments in the emirate were spread over various locations, although they were mainly concentrated in Al Nakheel area with 518 establishments. Al Nakheel contains the largest number of business establishments with 22% share, followed by Qusaidat with 225 establishments and 9.6% share; Ras Al Khaimah with 218 establishments and 9.3% share, Al Jazirah Al Hamra with 142 establishments and 6% share, Julphar with 106 establishments, Al Mamoura with 102 establishments, Al Rams with 89 establishments, Mu’ayrid with 88 establishments, and Al Ghail with 71 establishments. The remaining establishments were located in Al Daqdaqa, Al Khiran, Dahan, Al Dhait South, Al Filiah, Shamal, Othon, as well as other areas in the emirate.

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