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Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde: Be the master of your time

Time is precious, something we often feel is in short supply. With the new Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde on your wrist, however, you can be sure that every second counts and you won’t miss a beat.

A monobloc high-tech ceramic case houses a large open dial presenting two overlapping sub-dials, one for hours and minutes and one for seconds. The striking look of a separate seconds dial, marked at intervals of 5 in Arabic numerals, while the minutes and hours are marked with slight yet striking indexes, reminds the wearer that time is of the essence.

Untitled-4Beautiful to behold, the new Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde collection is made of four eye-catching models, two in plasma high-tech ceramic with brown leather straps that exude a vintage look, whereas the two black versions have an edgy futuristic feel to them This collection focuses on leather straps with only one model featuring the famous DiaMaster five link bracelet.

With its edgy yet retro design the Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde is perfectly paired with a business suit or dressed down with casual weekend wear. The unconventional dial makes this timepiece, as well as the man wearing it, stand out. A watch to be worn with confidence, this is the ideal model for the man who dares to be different.

A brilliant warm metallic shine emerges from white ceramic when treated in a plasma oven where gasses activate at 20,000ºC. This magical transformation is achieved thanks to a patented process first used by Rado. Without the use of any metal the unique plasma colour emerges from each piece of ceramic and will not fade over time. Although the colour only changes on the surface of the ceramic piece, it will not fade. With this process Rado is able to offer metallic looking watches with all the comfort of high-tech ceramic. Scratch-resistant, light and hypoallergenic, the benefits of high-tech ceramic remain unaffected by the transformation.

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