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Health is Wealth!

Maryam Al Zoabi, Owner of the Style Gym for ladies in Ras Al Khaimah shares with Robust RAK, that health is important for everyone, especially women. Regular exercise & choosing the correct pattern of work out & with healthy food program will keep every women fit and happy.

Q: Shed some light on your journey from turning into an entrepreneur, building Style Gym for Ladies to making it an established brand? Untitled-1
The idea stared 3 years back when I have decided to spread more awareness about healthy life style & its positive impact on individuals & communities.

Q: What was the idea behind establishing Style Gym? Is it only for local ladies or open to all the women residing in RAK? What services does the gym provide?
Style Gym vision was built on the idea of establishing an innovative gym that will add value to all individual who consider having a healthy lifestyle. The healthy individual will support a healthy community. Style Gym is open for all ladies in RAK & we have members working in Dubai & staying in RAK who joins the
Gym as well.

The Gym provides diversified services Aerobics, machines that focus on improving muscles tolerance & water exercises as well which develop on the long term high body muscles residence due to the water environment of the exercises. We tent to use variety of tools & newly advanced tools for Aerobics.

A newly exercise (Kangoo Jump) was added to our services, our clientele had showed great pleasure & happiness while exercising using Kangoo Shoes. We were the pioneer in RAK for introducing such a new kind of Aerobic. All our classes are performed under a supervision of highly qualifies professionals.

Q: How long have you been associated with this field and what are the hurdles you encountered being a women entrepreneur?
The hurdles that we encounter as a woman entrepreneur is almost as any other startup & business owner, most obstacles can be overcome through proper project planning & down to earth business plan that are initially prepared & regularly updated on the go. The main obstacle that the project is currently facing is that the building is not owned by Style Gym but only rented although we have done a lot of investment in the infrastructure to adopt all the required services. Hoping that along the future Style Gym will own & expand within the same area specially that our location is opposite to RAK Women Walk which is a special walking area only for women & kids provided b RAK Municipality.

Q: Does Ras Al Khaimah offer a good infrastructure for budding entrepreneurs? How would you rank RAK as a business hub?
My personal views is that Ras Al Khaimah is as any other Emirates & holds its own incentives. The most important is selecting the right business & a suitable location that is accessible to your clientele & always seek being distinguished from others.

Q: What future plans does Style Gym have in store for its clientele? Is expansion on the cards?
My ambition as an Entrepreneur & business owner is to move into international branding of Style GYM & to be an icon of GYM projects. Considering administrative excellence through Emiratization professional that will be able to provide their support to the Gym.

I am planning to introduce more arrays of services in Style GYM & build a comprehensive gym & health centre that will cater to a wide age range from youngsters to adults. My aim is to spread awareness of healthy life style among the community members & specially among women since she is considered as the base of the family.

Q: What are the exclusive offers provided for your members and new joinees? How is Style Gym for Ladies different from other localgyms in RAK?
Style GYM regularly provides new promotions & offers for existing members to ensure their continuous membership with the GYM. We have also put effort on the social media & holds our whatsapp group where we communicate with our members. For the newly joined members we provide consultation services & free check-ups prior to joining the GYM, we try planning our sessions to suits our GYM members busy schedules.

Q:What type of exercise and program you majorly suggest to ladies to stay fit and healthy? Do you have special trainers catering to workouts & spa facilities? Do youalso provide home training to women? 
Each Style GYM member has her own unique requirements & together with our consultation services we decide on the best path to achieve the desired target. Our aim at style GYM is to make exercising as a normal habit & normal life style same as going to work & visiting friends. A heathy individual will perform much better in the community that the unhealthy ones. If organizations do understand that a healthy employee will lead into a better performance that will lead to achieving more organizational goals.

We have collaborated with several Governmental departments & gave special discounts & rate for their employees. Yes, we do provide home training services to women as they are our core clients & we are ready to reach them at any place, our professional staff are ready to assist anywhere.

Q: What motivational message would you like to give women who are battling overweight and struggling to stay fit and healthy?  
When there is a will there is always a way. I do believe that within the fast hectic day that women & specially working women face lots of stress & sleep disorder that might lead to overweight & inability to lose weight as fast as they expect. Regular exercise & choosing the correct pattern of work out & with healthy food program women will reach to their target goal.

Q: How do you encourage your clients to achieve their fitness goals?
Clients are encouraged to achieve their fitness goals through regular exercises & fitness schemes that they should make it as a regular life style habit & not just a one month membership. Through our different awareness channels we try to stress on health life style habits that can change your life & boost your health.

Q: Nowadays fitness trackers have become a trend. Do you think they serve their purpose efficiently and are necessary for whoever is trying to stay fit?
Fitness awareness index is increasing among the community as we can now see that even the schools have started awareness among its’ students about healthy life habits & sport days are performed yearly, we intend through Style GYM that our members not only meet a short term goal but be their GYM lifelong partner.

Part of our community development programs that we lead some programs for catering requirements to needy people in other countries through style members, such initiatives boots our bond together as GYM members. Hoping that the future will hold more services & will work on highlighting the importance of women sports & impact of healthy women in the community.

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