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Embracing Visual Media

One-1-info-logo-Robust-RakArt is the creation of a person’s mind. It represents the myriad of cultures and their effervescent colors. Art can be intellectual, perceived through our senses, tangible or intangible, conventional or abstract. We always try to search for art in our daily lives; it’s important primarily because it is irreplaceable in our lives.

And the foundation for a successful artwork is always the right combination of hard work and imagination.

My career and the experience that I had gained through years of study and practice, has helped me understand the concept of art. My relentless pursuit to reach the highest level of professionalism, the mistakes I made on the way, the success achieved, and the cumulative experience of my artistic expressions has aided me in building a sense of what is desired by the customer and how to translate that imagination on to paper. My real work is transferring the unsaid to something concrete, translating imagination into reality.

My quest for a supportive environment led me to One1info.com. The company has been extremely supportive of my abilities, my passion and ambitions and encouraged me to showcase my skills in the global market. The collaboration with One1info has led to a variety of services across sectors.

For every dream to be a reality, we need to focus on a goal and work towards achieving it. One1info shares that vision with each of its clients. As a company, we approach artwork in a completely different way; we create an identity in the industry, focus on effective commercial performance, and finalize art deals based on our extensive experience and the ability to merge creative with the commercial.

Our professional services include:

  • Conceptualization & directing
  • Movies including short films and animation for kids
  • Documentaries
  • Pre-production
  • Scriptwriting, storyboarding, animatic, character design, background design
  • Production
  • Modeling, texturing, rigging,  2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, stop-motion, visual effects, green screen, live- action shooting, rendering, compositing
  • Post-production
  • Voice recording, music composition, sound design, sound mixing, editing
  • Advertising and graphic designs


About SPI Group

An integrated platform created to serve entrepreneurs and service providers. SPI engages with over 100,000 Entrepreneurs & Senior decision makers through a unique combination of cutting edge business magazines, high profile B2B summits and conferences, strategic alliances with Govt, business associations and government bodies. SPI also leverages the power of digital marketing and social media.

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