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Designing Luxury

Listen, Interpret, Create, Monitor: how Zordan transforms your dream to a luxury carved in wood.

Can you give us a brief introduction about Zordan? When did it start, what were its visions and what is its position now?
Founded in 1965 by Attilio Zordan as a technical joinery company, the Zordan group has developed over the years to become one of the main players in the manufacture of furnishings for the mono-brand stores of the best-known luxury brands (Bulgari, Ferragamo, Tumi, Van Cleef & Arpels) in Italy and the world.

The foundation of Zordan lies in quality, expertise and production efficiency and has been the reason for its continuous success and steady expansion. Zordan’s mission is to create aesthetic and stimulating environments inspired by beauty and fashioned in wood. Each of Zordan’s creations is unique, transforming dreams to a luxurious reality.

Currently, Zordan operates in the market with two brands: Zordan Mono-Brand Shopfitting, the division that creates luxury mono-brand stores; and Zordan Tailor-Made Interiors, which offers clients sophisticated, made-to-measure interiors, customized to the tastes and wishes of each of the clients.

 What is the role of a shopfitting company in today’s evolving world? How have the demands and expectations of a client changed from before?
With the integration of the physical and digital channels, the role of retailing isn’t the same anymore and is rapidly evolving. The shopfitting companies must help brands face the metamorphosis by developing or finding the right kind of technology and integrating them with their professional acumen. We are creating stores that can gift customers with an experience and are testament to a brand’s heritage.

zordan-robust-rak What are the focus/pressure points when you take up a new project and at work?
Our job requires speed and precision, terms that are often contradictory. Our clients have meticulous opening plans and we have the challenge to fulfill them within a very short span of time. At the same time, we need to maintain the standards and quality of the brand.

Our creativity and a systematic approach to work help us find new ways to optimize time, maximize quality, reduce costs and satisfy the client.

It’s a common saying that art challenges technology and technology challenges art. It is a perfect representation of the work you do. How do you amalgamate the two for that perfect creation?
Our clients ask us to translate their ideas into reality with some control and finesse.

The secret of success is to listen to the clients’ needs and find creative solutions in order to meet their expectations. The engineering department has the task of providing the client with the best technical solutions and communicating them as clearly as possible to the production department. The production department then joins in to create the end result as envisioned.

 Can you share something about the creative and the execution process? Since, it’s a collaborative approach towards work with you working along with the architects and interior designers, how do you maintain that sense of design and harmony?
A project is the result of the cooperation of the idea (the architect) and the realization (the company). The project manager acts as a connection between the clients’ expectations and us and helps the team to visualize the result.

During the engineering process, we focus on technical solutions that let us reach the result with a guarantee of high quality and economic savings.

zordan-1-robust-rakHow is the market of UAE different from the market of Italy and USA?
In the UAE, even though our quality standards are hardly comparable, we are often forced to compete with the Asian counterparts. In this market, price is a critical and competitive factor, unlike the American and European markets where the most important selection criteria are quality and problem solving abilities.

The UAE clients also differ in their approach to work where our flexibility is sometimes challenged with schedule changes and revised deadlines.

 The current designer furniture market has become pretty accessible, affordable and also offers a lot of options. Has it affected your clientele? If yes, what have been/are your strategies to deal with that type of competition? If no, what is the secret to your success?
When we compete with affordable productions, expecially the Asian ones, we highlight our technical expertise and our managerial skills in order to deal with competitors.

We do not think that the Italian problem-solving skills can be easily reproduced. Our project managers guarantee complete assistance to the client and a global coordination of the project and all the parties involved (general contractor, local architect, client, architects and shippers).

What are your future plans? Do you have any plans of expansion? How do plan to incorporate a higher level of technology in your work?
Our future plans include:

  • Make our American plant operative, in order to meet the expectations of our American clients by optimizing transportation and speeding up the customer service activities
  • A greater use of technology for our engineering department (a 3D design software) and our production plant (digital media)
  • A different approach to business: the company as a source for good. We are taking the B Corp certificate (https://www.bcorporation.net/) to highlight our effort in having a positive influence on the society
  • •   Improve office automation through the monitoring of workloads and through the implementation of the “lean office” projectzordan-2-robust-rak

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