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High Prolific Events

Emirates NBD Global Business Series

UAE’s growing market, optimum business conditions and ease of doing business have given rise to entrepreneurs who have worked their way to powerful portfolios, some of them even entering the Forbes List. These business icons are credited with being an integral factor in the exponential growth of the UAE, and therefore, their stories are inspiring and need to be told …

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Global Innovation Summit 2015

The world of technology is evolving every day, transforming the dynamics of work and life, stimulating a profound impact on humanity. Truly, one cannot deny that innovation plays a crucial role in simplifying our everyday lifestyle, reducing the stress levels of multitasking and enabling efficiency in performing business. Innovation is an enabler, and thousands of businesses in retail, technology, healthcare, …

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The largest SME Event of the region

he SME World Summit 2016 celebrates the ambitious ventures that strive to thrive in challenging times to win the game of business success. The idea of the event is to honour the aspirations of every entrepreneur and acknowledge their efforts to revive and revolutionize the economy. SME World Summit cherishes every innovative mind that likes to make an impact, every …

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