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No more moving hassles courtesy Eurocap

Known in the market as quality manufacturers of injection moulded products, Eurocap is now focusing on providing a complete packaging solution to its customers. A Robust RAK report.

BQ: Can you please brief us about the various activities Eurocap does?
A:.Eurocap is a company specialising in creating, developing and manufacturing plastic packaging items, including caps and closures for perfume bottles and deodorant cans, lids for glass jars, cutleries, cover for DVDs and CDs. The activities of Eurocap cover manufacturing of caps and lids through the injection moulding process, vacuum metallisation on plastic caps and perfume glass bottles, lacquering on perfume glass bottles, and hot stamping on plastic caps.

Q: Could you please share with us the humble beginnings of Eurocap in the UAE? Why did you decide to set up a unit in this part of the world?
A: Eurocap was formed in April 2006, and the company started its manufacturing activities from January 2007. The partners of the company are pioneers in the field of designing and developing packaging items for perfumery products. We felt that the UAE would be an ideal location to set up this kind of a unit, to meet the demands of the customers, mainly in the Middle East and European continent. There are many advantages of having a manufacturing unit in the UAE, including the well-established logistics network, a wonderful and stable environment, high living standards, and others.

Q: How are the working conditions in Ras Al Khaimah? Did you face any hurdles while setting up the unit here? 
A: Like other companies, we too faced some difficulties initially while setting up the unit, but we received a good support from RAK Free Trade Zone Authorities.

Q: As a perfume cap manufacturer, what competition do you face from other players in the industry?
A: The only challenge in the business is the competition we face from the Chinese suppliers. However, we offer European quality products at very competitive prices and that is what makes Eurocap appealing.

Q: Eurocap specializes in manufacturing perfume bottle caps with Surlyn material. Tell us something about that.
A: Eurocap specialises in manufacturing perfume bottle caps with ‘surlyn’ material. Surlyn is a plastic resin of the well-known American brand DuPont. Caps made of the surlyn raw material besides being perfume compatible, give a rich look to the perfume bottles.A

Q: What are the features of your production unit? How well equipped is it to handle large scale production without compromising on quality?
A:Eurocap has a modern and efficient production unit, where the European-made equipment operates in a tempered and dust filtered environment. We can develop all types of custom-made caps in different materials, and assist our customers from designing and providing a sample, to the finished product. We are now focusing on providing a complete packaging solution to our customers and make available everything under one roof.

Q:What is the target market of Eurocap? 
A: Having carved a niche in the Middle East market, we have already entered into the US, Europe and Russian markets. We have participated in various beauty and cosmetics related exhibitions in various places, especially in the renowned event Beautyworld Middle East Exhibition that takes place every year in Dubai. Eurocap has gained a good name among its local and international customers.

Q: Do you have any expansion plans in the near future? Any plans of setting up a production unit in Dubai?
A:. As of now, we have no plans of setting up another unit in the United Arab Emirates.


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